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The intention of the Music Curriculum at Our Lady’s is that children are taught to celebrate music and develop their talents whilst having fun. Music is a form of communication that can both inspire and motivate children. It reflects the society and cultures where we live on a local, national and global scale so teaching and learning about music enables our children to better understand the world around them and its rich diversity of people and cultures. Music is beneficial not only through its social and emotional value but through the many positive impacts that it can have across all curriculum areas and learning.


Music plays such an important part in our lives and it is highly valued at Our Lady of the Rosary. 

Children undertake a broad and balanced ‘Essentials curriculum’ based upon a mastery approach to learning that takes account of abilities, aptitudes and physical, emotional and intellectual development. Within music, weekly lessons are delivered through the Charanga Music Programme (a nationally recognized, award winning teaching tool). Years 1-6 follow the Model Music Curriculum scheme. EYFS follow the original scheme. We deliver music in partnership with Cumbria Music Service, with support from Cumbria Music Hub and supplement weekly lessons with extra-curricular lessons and opportunities open to our children throughout the year. We aim to ensure that music is accessible to all children. 


Learning in music enables children to:

  • Nurture a love of music
  • Make music themselves
  • Express themselves emotionally using their imagination, creativity, aesthetic sensitivity
  • Develop self-discipline and concentration and listen with intent
  • Develop their practical skills
  • Encourage active involvement through team working and music making together
  • Enjoy music through the active processes of listening, composing, performance and review
  • Develop an awareness of musical traditions
  • Strive for the highest possible artistic and technical standards



 Long Term Plan


What pupils say about Music at Our Lady of the Rosary School

“Music is great fun at school. I like performing with my friends and singing lots of songs with choir, especially by my favourite band ‘The Beatles’.”


“I enjoy learning fun songs that fit with our topics. I liked working with my friends to write our Egyptian Rap.”


“I enjoy learning to sign songs like ‘Child in a Manger Born’ and the ‘Hail Mary’ because it is like learning another language.”


“Guitar lessons are really fun. I’ve been learning for a few years now and can play lots of different songs.”


“I love all the instruments and learning how to play them. I like being the conductor and telling people to play fast or slow, loud or quiet.”