Our Lady Of Furness Catholic Federation

Lovingly we Learn in Harmony

Mission Statement

As part of God's family, with Christ at our Heart, Our Lady's Catholic Federation aims to deliver a curriculum that excites, empowers and includes everyone and emphasises their dignity as a child of God.

Our Federation Vision:

The Federation aims to be a place where everyone works together with a common vision.  Our schools are not just buildings, but are communities whose aim is that every child, whether Catholic or not, will be respected, affirmed, supported and encouraged to reach their full potential.   We endeavour to provide a broad, balanced and rich curriculum that is centred on the person and teachings of Jesus Christ.  We recognise that children’s needs are all unique, as is the world they live in.  Pupils should learn indoors and outdoors to maximise their own personal development.  We develop our children as Stewards of Creation, to be of service to the world, the environment and each other in this diverse world.


Our Gospel values:












Aims of our Schools:


  • To sustain the Catholic life of the school, through religious teaching, through experiences of prayer and worship and through the Gospel values that permeate the school.
  • To promote the well-being of our school family.
  • To provide children with the courage and resilience in all that they do, ready for their future.
  • To foster self-confidence and to motivate our  children to take pride and pleasure in their work.
  • To celebrate and reward successes in all areas of our children’s development.

Our Curriculum Drivers are:


Our curriculum drivers have been established through staff meetings, conversations with parents, questionnaires and from knowing our children and their place in the world.


  • Growth - To provide children with the essential knowledge and skills that they need to prepare them for their future success. We aim to give children the best possible start to their early education and ensure that the children’s cultural capital and spiritual needs are met. 


  • The Outdoors- To create an environment where children can learn outdoors,  fostering a connection that leads to respect and care for the natural world. They will develop a sense of place leading to greater engagement with the community and an appreciation of the opportunities available to live, learn and work in the local area.


  • Diversity-To promote diversity in our schools, to create an inclusive culture where everyone feels unique and valued.


Our Development Priorities:


These priorities have been derived from our School Evaluation Form, staff/governor meetings and from questionnaires within our school community.



  • Develop our outdoor opportunities.


  • Develop even stronger relationships with parents and pupils.


  • Intensify our commitment to valuing each and everyone in our school community and the wider world.



 "Lovingly we learn in harmony."